The Yerkes Observatory History, Revitalization and Pluto Precovery

Presented by Dr. Michael DiMario

The Yerkes Observatory History, Revitalization and Pluto Precovery

Dedicated in 1897, the Yerkes Observatory 40-inch refracting telescope was the largest in the world, and still is today. Dr. Michael DiMario will talk about the history and recent restoration of the iconic astronomical research facility located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. He will also talk on the Precovery of Pluto found on E.E. Barnard photographic plates of 1909. Yerkes holds a significant place in the history of astronomy for its many scientific contributions, architectural beauty, and role engaging the public in astronomy.


Dr. Michael DiMario

SWFL Member

Michael has seven patents and has authored a published book on systems engineering, contributed numerous chapters of systems engineering texts, as well as more than fifty peer reviewed papers regarding quantum magnetometry, systems engineering, and quality management. He has been interviewed and quoted in Wired Magazine, GPS World, Sifted, and the Financial Times. He holds the oldest precovery record of Pluto located on Yerkes Observatory E.E.Barnard photographic plates of 1909. Michael also chairs the astroimaging group of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton.