Image Upload Instructions

In order to help prepare your images for use in the newsletter, as well as to keep track of them for later possible use, we are requesting you follow some guidelines in preparing your images.

  • FILENAME - Create a filename that refers to your image and has your name in it.  EXAMPLE:  "John_Smith_M42"
  • FORMATTING -  Please format your image.  Size to 2000px on the long edge and 300ppi.  RGB color space.

Please fill out the information below.  Once you have completed the Info Section and validated that your images are sized/formatted and named correctly, and approve the club for use, another section will appear to enable upload of your image.

Astro SIG Image Upload

Astro SIG Image Upload

Info Section

My images are sized to 2000px on the long edge, and formatted for 300ppi.
I have formatted the filename with my name and the subject of the image.
I authorize the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society to use this uploaded image for display in the newsletter, website and its social media. Photo credit will always be given.

Upload Area

Maximum file size: 5.1MB