2023 Electronic Election Ballot

Electronic 2023 Ballot
I hereby certify that I am a paid member for 2023.
The items on the 2023 ballot concern club business pertinent to the operation of the club in 2024. The bylaws passed in August require a 50% plus one member quorum to certify the vote along with a simple majority to approve the votes cast.

Of key concern are the approval of the budget which includes a proposal for $30/member dues/fees for 2024. This amount is needed to support the expenses in the budget. The key expenses are new computers for the club. Most other expenses are normal expenses.

The other part of the election is the vote for your Board of Officers, all running unopposed.

VOTE: The 2024 budget includes a membership dues priced at $30/member in order to support the budget. The budget includes expenses for new computers and other normal operating expenses. Having read the proposed 2024 budget.