Southwest Florida Astronomy Club Leaders

As with any club and non-profit, it takes many people to make things happen, and many people usually have multiple roles in the organization. Our Club Officers/Board are the official decision makers, but we tend to invite all opinions before we make most important decisions.

Here's several groupings of many people who make our organization happen:

Club Officers/Board

President - Brian Risley
Vice President - Mike McCauley
Treasurer/AL Coordinator - John MacLean
Secretary - Don Palmer

Communications/Astrophotography SIG (Special Interest Group)/Big Cypress Viewing

Website/Newsletter - Mike Jensen

Star Parties & Outreach

Brian Risley

Observing Programs - Port Charlotte Solar & Punta Gorda Moor Observatory

Tom Segur - FSW Punta Gorda Moore Observatory Director
Tony Heiner
Tom Burkett
Mike Jensen


Maria Berni - Club Librarian
Danny Secary - Club Historian

Calusa Nature Center Planetarium

Heather Preston - Director

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